Well the start of this little adventure hasn’t quite gone to plan…
Friday morning saw myself and other 15 weary but excited travel companions up before dawn to start our trip to Everest Base Camp. We were all given little boxes for breakfast, it was just like a school excursion, juice popper and all.
Adventure Breakfast
Off we were taken to the airport. We boarded the plane, a little 18 seater and headed on our way. The view was nothing short of spectacular.
Leaving Kathmandu, the houses below resembled little Lego blocks. Tall rectangular shaped pieces, brightly coloured, littering the ground below. We were soon flying between the clouds. Big fluffy clouds below us, thin whispy ones above. The countryside was dark green with lots of texture, thanks to tall mountains and deep gully’s.
Then they appeared. The Himalayas!
Himalayan Mountains
You could feel the mood in the airplane change. It’s what we had all come for. Blue grey mountains stretching high into the sky, with white snow covered tops.
The plane started to bank. The air hostess came to the front of the plane. ‘We are heading back to Kathmandu, the weather at Lukla is too bad to land.’ We were so close… You could almost touch the disappointment in the air.
So far this was to be the closet to starting the trek I would come. We sat and waited with hope that the weather would clear. It didn’t. Back to the hotel.
The next two days would bring the same disappointment. We would be at the airport around 8am to be greeted by the sign below. And we would wait. Hoping the weather would clear and we would fly. Then the cancellation would come through and back to the hotel we would go around 3pm.
 Failed Adventure
Both of those days saw fellow travel companions leave for the mountain via helicopter (small FYI: helicopters don’t need a runway to land like a plane does). I had the luxury of more time. Having a week after the trek to do some exploring the need for me to have to get on the mountain wasn’t as great.
Sunday afternoon, after the third attempt at getting a flight, my cousin and I changed our plans and decided to head to Chitwan Jungle for a few days. We had planned on heading down after the trek anyway so switching this around will hopefully allow the weather to clear.
Hours spent in an airport really is the perfect way to completely relax. There is nothing else to do other than people watching and reading.  I was definitely getting disappointed with not being able to start the trek. But I really took the opportunity just to be in the moment. Look around. I started to tune into feeling completely not in control of a situation, something I don’t usually handle very well, and actually being ok with it. If there is one thing on this planet we have no control over it certainly is the weather.
Notice the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind : Bruce Lee.
This holiday was all about the experiences I would have. And to be completely at the mercy of nature has certainly an experience…