That was the very heading that started me on this trip. Nepal has always been somewhere I wanted to visit. When I had an email come through just before New Year’s with the headline ‘Bucket List Adventure to Nepal’ I just had to click. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t what I read. 16 day trek to Everest Base Camp with a 2 night stay at a 5 star resort.
Now up to this point I thought only experienced climbers tackled Everest. Apparently not. Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness could attempt the trek. And let’s be honest, anything with a 5 star resort (and added spa treatments post trek) has to be worth doing!
Be the overly cautious person I am, I thought about this for about a week. Then the day before the deal was due to run out, I clicked the ‘Book Now’ button. I can tell you the feeling was instant excitement and butterflies! The kind of excitement that you feel through your whole body. I was going to trek to Base Camp! That feeling lasted all afternoon until I went to bed. Do you think I could sleep? What had I just done?!
And so the adventure begins….
Like I said earlier I am a super cautious person. This was stepping way out of my comfort zone. Whilst I love keeping fit, day after day of walking up a mountain with a decreasing oxygen supply – could I do that? Staying in tea houses that resemble shacks the higher you climb, with decreasing access to hot running water, well actually any running water as it freezes at the higher altitudes. And let’s not discuss the lack of toilet situation…
But I can’t honestly tell you the last time I did something that made me feel like this. That excitement, that hum, that reaches into the very base of your stomach and makes your whole body feel alive! That feeling was amazing!
Now as I sit in Abu Dabai and wait for my connecting flight to Kathmandu, I feel it again.  Stepping into the unknown. Nothing to focus on but literally the next step. Every once in a while we should totally do something that scares us, makes us feel alive – when did you last feel that hum?
The Nourishing Way