To nourish by definition is
– to sustain with food and nutrients;
– to strengthen, build up and promote;
– to nurture, foster and cherish.
How could you possibly want any more from life!
“When you are lit up, alive and fulfilled you are at your very best”
For so long now we have focused on looking a certain way, having certain things, material things. What about that part of us within that hums? What about living our values? What about how you show up everyday? What about learning how to nourish ourselves?
One of my greatest idols Dr Libby Weaver advocates strongly for energy to be how we should define health – how we feel, how we face each day, the zest we have for life. Not the number we see on a scale.

Ask yourself:

How do you feel when you wake up?
What about at 3pm in the afternoon?
How do you spend your evenings?
How well do you fall to sleep?
Many of us don’t even think about this. We are so used to how we feel, how we show up everyday, it has unfortunately become our new normal. But I am telling you this is not how it’s meant to be. This is not how it has to be.
Dragging yourself out of bed. Coffee to get you through the morning. Reaching for the sugar fix at 3pm. Exhausted but wired at 9pm. That isn’t how we are meant to feel. How much living can you do when you turn up to your day with your energy tank depleted?
 Snack, guilt free, jerf
This is exactly why The Nourishing Way was founded on nourishing ourselves. To live a full and nourished life we need to look at all three aspects of what it is to nourish and make any required changes to find that life that makes us hum!


Food is what we use to sustain ourselves – how we nourish our bodies. The type and quality of food that we consume has a direct impact on how our bodies work and how we feel. The food we eat literally becomes us. My food philosophy is based around Just Eat Real Food – JERF. I believe we can have wholesome nutritious and easy meals each and everyday. In doing this, how we show up to our days will greatly improve.


Our strength comes from our bodies and our minds. It is a physical, emotional and psychological balance. Nourishing your mind and body allows you to be the incredible person you are.
It takes a strong capable body to achieve your physical goals. These could be competing in an Ironman event, running in a fun run, competing with a local sporting team or playing with your children (fur babies included). How many goals do you push aside thinking your body won’t make it? Or you don’t even know where to start?
A strong body is more than just physical goals. It is also about making sure our internal body is strong. We need our body systems – our digestive, nervous, endocrine, reproductive, immune, cardiovascular and respiratory systems – to be working at their optimal capacity so we can continue to show up each and every day.
A strong and stable mind allows you to keep going, to be positive, to rationally assess our lives. This is best achieved by being aware of your body, how it feels and aware of your thoughts. Mindfulness certainly seems to be the buzz at the moment. However you cannot argue the power of a strong mind. Mindfulness is the best way to be connected back to our bodies and minds and connect them to each other. Keeping our minds clear, fresh and focused allows us to strengthen the other areas of our life. A cluttered mind with too many tabs open does not provide a foundation for an abundant life.
“Your body is a strong machine but you’ve got to fuel it with a powerful mind”


Nurturing allows us to bring it all together and truly nourish ourselves. As part of our giving nature we constantly say yes to those around us. We don’t want to let the people around us down. This could be our friends and family. It could be our work colleagues, the members of a group we belong to. What does saying yes to all of those around us actually mean? What is the impact on you? To be able to fully give ourselves to those around us we need to take care of ourselves first. There is a very good reason why we are told during the safety demonstration on flights to fit our own oxygen masks first….
A nurtured life is one where you truly connect with yourself. Connect with the space around you. The people close to you. Feel that fire within. What did you do the last time you felt that hum deep within? How long ago was it?
I have been in all of these places. Thinking it was normal. Coffee, sugar fixes; It’s just what you do to get through the day, through life. Life is busy – Isn’t everyone tired? It has almost become a badge of honour we proudly wear. Neglecting to strengthen my body and my mind. And nurturing? There was no time for that. A constant feeling of being lost, like something was missing.
How did we get here? We weren’t given this life to struggle through it. We were given life to live it!
We can reverse all of this. It is all possible. It’s not an overnight fix. It’s a constant and evolving path. And it is so worth it!!
“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection”
Don’t know where to start? Want to learn how to nourish yourself? At the The Nourishing Way I will help guide you to a life you can live to your fullest. All the information on working with me can be found here.
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